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Unidentified subject!

>From: Sharon Nix <sherryn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Alright, it was MY opinion, but I learned a lesson, I'll never do it
>again. I was not TRASHING the product, I still don't think it is worth
>the money that they are asking for it, so I'm sorry that I stated MY
>opinion. I bought the machine for the juicing and with the pulp in the
>drink is was too thick to drink. When grinding whole wheat, by the time
>is was finished it is very hot.
 >But mine you now ,that this is only MY opinion.

Well, sharon, I agree with you compeletely, I don't have a vitamix. but I
did see their video advertising the machine.  It doesn't not "juice"
anything, what it does is pulversize.  Which is absolutely fine if that is
y our goal.  I have a Osterizer with as metal jar, it will do most of what
the vita mix does, I have even tested it with grains and it will sort of
grind them, the thing cost $100.  It makes really good smothees, etc.  But
when I want carrot juice, I want the juice of carrots, not pulverized

The vita mix may be exactly what some folks want, but it doesn't appeal to
me at all.  Isn't it nice that we are do diverse?  I do like that.

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To be yourself, in a world that tries, night
and day, to make you just like everybody
else - is to fight the greatest battle there
ever is to fight, and never stop fighting.     --e.e. cummings