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REC: Multi-Grain Bread <T>

Suzanne <redwood@xxxxxxxxx> asked for a multi-grain bread recipe like 
they sell at Fresh Fields. I believe they use more white flour, or 
different proportions, because bakery bread is generally less dense than 
this, This is my very favorite, which I make most of the time. The added 
wheat gluten helps it rise a bit more.  (P.S. It makes great toast.)

Multi-Grain Bread <T>
Adapted from Donna German
Servings 10

1 1/8   cups water, very warm
1 1/2   TB orange juice, frozen concentrate
    3   TB honey
  1/2   tsp salt
    3   TB wheat gluten
  1/2   cup multi-grain cereal (such as 7-grain Arrow Mills, etc.)
  1/4   cup bulgar or cracked wheat *see note
2 1/4   whole wheat bread flour
    2   tsp dry yeast

Put into bread machine in this order, or according to your breadmaker's
directions. Bake on whole wheat or 1 1/2 pound loaf cycle.

(Note: If you prefer, use 3/4 cup multi-grain cereal instead of part
bulgar or cracked wheat.)

Per slice:
Cal     179
Fat     1.6g (7.6 CFF)
Fiber   5g
Protein 62g
Carbo   37.5g
Sodium  111mg
Chol    1mg

Natalie in hot and sunny Milwaukee - flooding from the weekend is gone