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Re: Chipotles

Having lived in Texas 9 years now, I feel qualified to answer this question.
(However we will be moving to NYC in Aug and I'm not sure what that will
qualify me for. . .)

Chipotle are sold dried in bulk bins and little cellophane packages. I have
yet to see them packed in oil or brine here in Dallas - but then I haven't
really looked. We grind them in the coffee grinder designated for misc.
grinding (my husband and I each brought a coffee grinder into the marriage,
so we have the luxury of using 2), but be careful not to breathe in the
powder or get it in your eyes. It's great used in place of crushed red pepper
or for anything you might want a little heat or smokey flavor added to.

Here in Dallas most folks pronounce it  "chi - po - tlee"