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A word from your list owner


Some of you have been wondering why your posts are slow to show up.
It's usually because they are filtered from the list for hand approval
and I fall behind (sometimes very much so) in scanning them.  Common
problems: your message is too long (long messages are often spam, so I
filter them and make sure they are not), you post from an address
other than the one you are subscribed under so it looks like you are
not a member of the list to my software (I have a way of adding
frequent posters to a supplemental list, but I've not yet found the
time to update it), or you send it to the request address instead of
the posting address.

In any case,  I'm in the midst of many projects, not to mention that
half the carpet in my place is being replaced and I am trying to
convert my 2 bedroom apt into 3 to save rent, so things are a bit
hectic. It could be a bit before I have the time to put some long
overdue work into the list and website, but it will eventually get
done.  So please be patient in the meantime.

Thanks muchly!