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Gabe's recipes

Here's a listing of recipes I've tried from Gabe's book and how I felt
they turned out:

BEAN-EGGPLANT-TOMATO CASSEROLE:  Very good.  But be careful because it
burns very easily.  As soon as you can tell it has started to burn it
is too late: the rest of the stew has absorbed the burn smell and
won't be palatable.  Use a thick pot (not a thin stock pot) and stir

LENTIL-EGGPLANT-CURRY: Eh.  This was so-so.  I still have some in the
freezer and it's OK, but not a dish I'll make again.  I added the
yogurt as he suggested and it curdled a little, but that wasn't the
main problem with this dish, it's just lack-luster.

BAJAN BEANS: I'm not an acorn squash fan, so I substituted zucchini
instead. I didn't like the capers in this.  Also I wanted more heat
and a little bit of a fruity taste and felt habaneros would be better
than jalapenos.  My final version (minus capers, sub zucchini for
squash and add later in cooking, sub habanero for jalapeno) is a
keeper for me, I've already made it twice since. It's great to know
there is always some in the freezer for me.  (recipe previously posted)

VEGETABLE CURRY II: Unlike Gabe, I am a curry snob and do think it is
better to mix your own spice, so I had high hopes for this curry he
offered.  But it wasn't good.  Bleah. 

PRIMO MINESTRONE: I don't like parsley, so I immediately doubled the
basil instead.  Whatta soup!  This is wonderful.  Another freezer
staple. (recipe previously posted)

As it is, my little freezer is full of food to last me at least
another week and a half.  But I already have several more of his
recipes picked out to try next time.  Will keep y'all posted.

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA