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Re: Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers has a pamphlet that provides vegetarian exchanges. Be sure
to ask for it at your next meeting. It's not extensive because it
supplements the bread, fruit, vegetable, protein/milk, and fat exchange
lists that everyone receives. I find the WW plan quite easy to modify to a
low-fat/nonfat vegetarian diet and find the food plan to be simple and
sensible. Two things I have always liked about WW are that they focus on
healthy eating and exercise, not fad dieting, and they provide tremendous
group support during weight loss and after you have reached your goal

I don't work for WW, just wanted to answer a question. There are a variety
of healthy ways to lose weight and to keep the weight off---each of us
needs to find what works best in our life.

Best wishes,

Bethann Dennis Watson     ~    Technical Editor      ~    Cisco Systems, Inc.

If we lose affection and kindliness from our life, we've lost all that gives
it charm.
          -Marcus Tillius Cicero