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Sweet potatoes

I absolutly adore sweet potatoes.  One of my favorite ways to cook them is
to peel them and then cut them into big hunks about the size of two or
three walnuts.  I bake them at 350 for 1 hour or longer on a non stick pan.
(Sometimes pan spray is needed because of all the sugar.)  They become
caramelised - rich and sweet and sticky. (I've converted many people this
way!)  Rubbing them with ginger and garlic or herbs makes a nice change.

At this very moment I am making "sweet potato chips" using thinly sliced
rounds of potato and the method described above.  If you do this allow
about 20-40 minutes and watch closely as they burn easily.

Anything that tastes good done to pumpkin (or even potato) usually tastes
good done to sweet potato!  Mashed, pie, scalloped, fritters etc.

Yam felafels (mix 3 cooked mashed sweet potato with a package of felafel
mix and cook patties in the oven) are another way of cooking them that is
great for a large group.