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More iron ideas

Debby Kerry was looking for good sources of iron.  I found a surprising one
recently.  I've been reading a book lately called The Vegetarian Mother and
Baby Book by Rose Elliot.  It says that the average woman needs 18 mg of
iron a day, then lists about 40 different food sources and how much iron
each one gives.  The most iron-packed source there (and probably the
easiest one to get into your body on a daily basis) was prune juice!  One
8-oz glass has 10.5 mg of iron--more than half your daily requirement.
It's a good source for vegans, too.  Not much else came close.  1/2 cup
uncooked WW pasta has 5.4 mg; 1/4 cup raw millet has 3.9 mg; 1 cup of dried
prunes has 6.3 mg; and a cup of cooked spinach has 4.  

Prune juice doesn't have the best reputation, but maybe it deserves a
little more respect!

Emily Swensen
Pyramus Online