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Dairy-less food, picnics

Hi, all - thanks for the jicama ideas - keep 'em coming!

Jan, I don't eat dairy, either, and I often find lowfat tofu to be an
acceptable substitute when mixed in a blender with either vinegar or lemon
juice, depending on the desired result.  I made dips for my dad once and he
was very surprised that it worked!

As far as picnic food, I bring a lovely, easy fatfree ratatouille (chop and
combine one eggplant, two zucchinis, one can of sliced stewed tomatoes, half
a cup of tomato paste, one onion, three cloves of garlic, some thyme or
italian herbs, toss together and simmer until tender - yum!) to potlucks that
goes over well, and I tried a veggie sushi recipe this weekend, too - 4 cups
cooked brown rice, 1/2 cup or so of vinegar, a teaspoon of salt and 2 of
sugar - mix together and spread on 3 sheets of nori [seaweed], place thinly
sliced veggies in a line about 1/3 of the way across and roll up like a jelly

Let me know how these work for you folks.