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Picnic Ideas

Does anyone have any good recipes good to bring to a picnic get 
together?  Most of the guests tend to bring tri-bean salads or cold 
mexi-bean salads with a lot of oil!!  What can I bring that is tasty 
but also non-fat?

Three bean salad can easily be made without the oil. One of my favorites to
bring is a pasta salad. I cook the tri-color rotini pasta and add chopped
tomato, cucumber, celery, green onion, green pepper and sometimes canned
(in water) artichoke hearts. Over this I pour an oil-free italian (I make
Good Seasons Zesty Italian with wine vinegar and a bit of balsamic and
water, no oil). Of course fruit salads are great too! Just cut up
watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew with pineapple and grapes. Good luck, our
weather's finally warming up enough for a picnic here in Oregon.

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