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Re: Marrowly Escaped! ROFL

Jim Baker wrote:
>         I am told that you can leave zucchini on the vines until it is
> unusually large and use it the same way.  What I like about the marrow
> is that it is on the bland side and easily accepts the flavors of a
> recipe.

I used to keep a garden all the time, and in greeley Colorado I grew
zucchinis that got to be huge.  We decided to leave 'em on the vine a
while and see how big they would get, and I had one that was around 4
feet long and 8" diameter.  The only problem with letting them get this
big is that you do get a lot of seeds and they are tougher seeds, so you
have to take them out.  If you want to save seeds for the following
year, though, this is a good way to get hardy seeds.

My dad got some seeds for an intalian squash called "cocutsa's" (I know
that's how they said it but no idea how they spelled it).  They were 3
to 4 feet long when they got ripe enough to eat, but only a few inches
across.  A lot like a baseball bat.  These had a fuzzy skin that had to
be cleaned of its fuzz, or peeled, before cooking, and they were a
little more buttery flavored than zucchinis, but quite good.  I have
still never seen them anywhere else, and my dad lost track of the man
who gave him the seeds.  Anyone know about these?