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Making a Marrow Escape

	I'm sorry about the marrow post. I just assumed that anyone who plants
a home gardern knew what they were.  They are a close relative to
zucchini.  However, they grow almost as large as watermelons.  My mother
and her friend (who is English) got the seeds from the friend's brother
when he visited the U.S. this Spring.
	I am told that you can leave zucchini on the vines until it is
unusually large and use it the same way.  What I like about the marrow
is that it is on the bland side and easily accepts the flavors of a
	One more thing, there is an Italian Marrow Squash, but it is smaller in
size (closer to zucchini). I'm going to research the possibility of
buying the seeds in the U.S. for the English Marrow. I'll
report back later. Or should I say I'll report back TO-MARROW!!!!

Jim Baker