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re: Holly and McDougall Maximum weight loss

Holly wrote that going back on McDougall maximum weight loss made her
starving and shaky, and she then overcompensated by eating too much.

Holly, it sounds like the diet is playing havoc with your blood sugar levels
and that you are having symptoms of hypoglycemia. It's something that I
suffer from, though a lot of doctors don't give much credence to it. It just
means that you have to eat regularly to make sure your blood sugar level
doesn't plummet...and yes, eating fresh fruit will do nothing to overcome the
symptoms of shaking, irritability etc.  The best thing to eat to make sure it
doesn't happen is to schedule regular snacks which have some protein and
carbohydrates....eg half a whole grain bagel with FF cream cheese. (I'm not
sure this would fit into McDougall however...) And most importantly make sure
you don't go for more than four hours without eating something.

Hope this is helpful....good luck.
an aussie in LA