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Hungry Times

>I'm trying to go
>back to the McD. maximum weight loss plan and also increase my exercising.
>But I find myself suddenly STARVING at times, with almost no warning. It's so
>bad I get the shakes and get incredibly irritable, sometimes even start to
>lose my balance/coordination. Then I usually over-compensate and eat too much
>in an attempt to level myself out.

I have this problem too, and am using the McD. maximum weight loss plan. 
There are some fairly substantial things that are consistent with the 
McDougall maximum weight-loss plan, such as rice cakes with one of the 
dips (eggplant is my favorite) Since you can eat as much as you want of 
the foods on the plan, I'd just fill up on something like that. Maybe 
make some fat-free bean dip to keep around for the hungry times. I find 
that the more I eat of very sweet things like fruit, the hungrier I 
eventually get.

Susan Young
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
(ex-lurker :-)