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Losing weight

Hi, I'm new to the net. I'm reading through the Ornish book, but am
unfamiliar with McDougal, which I hear you all mentioning. What's the

I have a lot of weight to lose.  I've tried a lot of different things over
the years and am totally discouraged. Just because I sing opera doesn't mean
I have to be fat.

We're going  on vacation in a week. My friends and family (except for one of
my sisters, who doesn't eat dairy) are moaning about the fact that I don't
eat dairy. I started visiting the Dr Weil site and decided to try removing
dairy because of chronic sinus infections. Wow! what a difference after only
a month. I'm not sure what to do about the moaning, but I will take some
things along. 

I have a lot of cookbooks but have to adapt the recipes. (I was the food
writer for the southwestern NH paper for 3-1/2 years.) Can some of you
suggest replacements for oil, sour cream, yogurt ? Remember it has to be
nondairy. Probably like most of you, I'm repulsed by the commercial so-called
fat-free garbage out there.

thanks for the recipes so-far.

Jan B. (There are no Trader Joe's in New Hampshire either.)