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Dangerous squash

Ruby had visions of "B-movies starring attacking squashes" to my
comment about "cutting raw acorn squash can be dangerous."

I think Ruby is up too late watching B-movies. But having
tried that myself on occassion, I cannot deny the educational
value of such activities. Give me Pickett Fences anytime.

Anyway, acorn squashes, when raw, are very unwieldly and
tend to slip about in your hands. If you try to cut them
using a dull knife, it can easily slip and cut your hand.

Bagels are a little like this as well. I always hold my
bagel in a big towel and in case I slip, I won't cut
myself. Kitchen safety is a good topic for this BB.

I have always noticed that experienced chefs keep their
fingers well curled when cutting produce. On THIS BB
we cut LOTs of produce. 

Soo, in order to be "produc-tive," I decided to open the
topic of "kitchen safety." Seems timely and on subject.

Other ideas? 

Mike Rosenblatt