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Re: Need help

In a message dated 97-06-13 22:55:45 EDT, you write:

 I hope somebody can help. I am trying to take off the 10 pounds I've put on
 since last year (and I still wanted to lose 10 more then!). I'm trying to go
 back to the McD. maximum weight loss plan and also increase my exercising.
 But I find myself suddenly STARVING at times, with almost no warning. It's
 bad I get the shakes and get incredibly irritable, sometimes even start to
 lose my balance/coordination. Then I usually over-compensate and eat too
 in an attempt to level myself out. Any tips on how to avoid this? I'd love
 know what foods other McD-ers keep around that you can eat right away when
 you get to that point. I need ideas besides fresh fruit, which doesn't seem
 to help much when I'm THAT hungry. TIA!!

Holly-- Eat OFTEN, don't wait until you are real hungry.  popcorn, carrots,
boiled potatoes, leftover winter squash,  cooked grains (microwave and add
spice or sugar).  my emergency food in the desk is a packet of instant
oatmeal.   those cup of soups are also good in a pinch.  (obviously you need
microwave nearby).  but eating every couple of hours is better than three
squares, in my opinion.....  joanna in dc