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re: Sheri and losing weight-when does it stop?

In a message dated 97-06-12 15:50:14 EDT, you write:

<< After following an Ornish diet and now McDougall, I have lost 61 pounds
 toward my goal of 71!  My question is this, when I get to my goal
 weight, will I keep losing weight?  How does my body know when to stop
 losing weight?  I could probably lose another 10 pounds after the 71,
 but I wouldn't want to lose any more than that.  Thanks for the help!

good for you, sheri!   i mcdougalled starting dec '94 and lost about 25
pounds.  my experience is   you sort of level off at your right weight.  i
now sometimes "go wild" and eat tofu, sweets, olives, nuts and avocado from
time to time and restaurant food that may have some fat (veggie, not fried,
but you know how they cook in the real world) and just keep an eye on the
scale.  i go strict again if i think i've been too cavalier about fat and
except for tofu i'm strict at home.  

and yes,  people ask about how i eat and most decide it's too radical or
difficult for the benefits.  what do they know?  i'm size 2 with cholesterol
of 170 (from 250) and they're not.  :-)   and this list, thank goodness,
continues to keep me on the straight and "narrow."      joanna in dc