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A Recipe and a Question

Hi, all!

I just wound up making a terrific no-egg eggsalad that doesn't use tofu.  
I was actually trying to replicate a Russian mushroom salad that I had in 
a Russian restaurant, but this was a pretty cool "accident."

No-Tofu Mock Eggsalad

1 15-oz can broken straw mushrooms (I used these only because they're 
	cheap, around 99 cents a can)
3 Tablespoons LF/FF mayo
*Generous* amount ground black pepper
salt to taste
tumeric (optional)

Rinse and drain the 'shrooms and press out as much excess water as 
possible.  Drop into a food processor and process the heck out of them.  
When they're reduced to itty bitty pieces, remove into a bowl and add 
remaining ingredients (a little tumeric can be added to give it an eggy 
color).  That's it!  This is nice on toast and as a topping on baked 
potatoes, or even eaten plain as a side salad.  As it's a bit on the 
bland side without the pepper, you can spice it up with garlic, chili, or 
the spice blend of your choice.

Now, for the question:

I recently made polenta from scratch for the first time.  I used fine 
yellow corn meal, salt and water.  I had no problems with it lumping up, 
but when it was finished cooking it had all turned GREEN!!  I cooked it 
in an aluminum pot and stirred it constantly with a metal wisk, so I 
thought it might have been some strange reaction with the metal.  My 
parents, however, said that in all the history of polenta-making in the 
family, nobody's had ever turned green, no matter *what* it had been 
cooked in.  Help!  Has anyone ever had this problem?  If so, do you know 
what caused it?  How to prevent it? And is green polenta OK to eat??

Thanks all!!
Linda in NYC