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Hi all -

Would  someone re-post the recipe for FF biscotti? I can't find where I put it
and I'd love to try it.

My husband Charlie and I really enjoyed the "cheezy" sauce (with nutritional
yeast) on top of potatoes, it was delicious. So when I came across the
"Macaroni & Oaty Cheez" recipe we tried that too and loved it also. Yesterday
I made it again and as I was preparing to pour the sauce over the macaroni, my
19-year-old son Skye came in and made a face, saying "Yuck! What is THAT?"
(Skye is a vegan but eats lots of junk food and is very picky, doesn't like
all sorts of things.) I started to tell him, but it sounded so ridiculous to
say "Oatmeal, nutritional yeast and pimentoes" that I started to laugh and I
cracked up so hard, I couldn't talk. Then Charlie tried to tell him, but he
cracked up too. Skye gave us such a disgusted look - there were his
middle-aged parents, preparing some disgusting food again and acting like
idiots about it - he said, "How come I'm the only sane person in this family?"
Eventually we calmed down enough to tell him it was made of oatmeal,
nutritional yeast and pimentoes, and that did not improve his opinion of us!
Nonetheless, we love it!

I love this list too -

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz