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VitaMix .. I have one

<<Can anyone tell me if the Vita-Mix machines are really worth the hefty
price they're charging? ($469.99 US) Their brochures sure make them
sound terrific, but I'd love to hear some of your testimonials, good or
bad, before I make that kind of investment. Thanks for your help.>>

I have had one for 17 years and I love mine.  I do most of my basic mixing
in the food processor but what the VitaMix does that nothing else I have
can do is grind grains, beans, etc., make instant soft-serve FF ice cream,
turn fresh vegetables into nearly-instant hot soup, cook and "stir" sauces,
gravies, etc. while I'm in another room (it *is* noisy similar to a vacuum
cleaner .. I just leave the room when grinding grains or doing other things
that take several minutes).

It *does* knead bread dough but it's easier for me to do that in the food
processor after grinding the grain in the VitaMix (I LOVVVVVVVE the fresh
ground grains!).  It definitely does everything the brochure says it will
do.  If their video doesn't come with it, I would suggest buying it.  I
bought it years later and it periodically renews my explorations with the
machine.  It makes the "whole juice" just like they say it will.  While it
is undoubtedly more nutritious, I'm not wild about the texture but I also
haven't experimented enough with it to get a fruit/water balance I adored.
Also, at the same time I bought that, I bought a Champion Juicer (had a new
baby to whom was determined to feed all fresh food) and it may be that I
love using machines and prefer that juice for other less conscious reasons.
You may love the VitaMix juice.  It is more than putting fruit into a
blender, btw .. it's extremely powerful and the reverse blade is amazing.

If I could have only one of the following electrical mixing appliances,
between the Vitamix, food processor and blender, I would choose the VitaMix
and use a cheap plastic mandolin for slicing, etc., because it more
versatile than any one of the other appliances.  It is expensive but mine
is still going strong after 17 years.  They are very helpful on the phone
(I messed up by mis-assembling it quickly once and ground the stirring
stick into the ice cream .. called them and they were great) and I like
that they are a close-knit, personal kind of company.  They're at

 Oh, I also bought their dehydrator a few years ago and adore it.  It has
TWENTY trays!  It's amazing how just a few apples sliced thinly fill up a
lot of trays.  I'd buy it again and again.

What about the Vitamix has attracted you?  :-)