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Vegetarian resource group

We have a NETWATCH in our local newspaper and this is one of the web pages
suggested last week.

Vegetarian Resource Group


This non-profit organization is dedicated to educating the public on
vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology,
ethics and world hunger.

I found it informative with good links to other resources.  There were
several vegan recipes from a new book "Conveniently Vegan" which I saved.
 Going to the link The Simple Living Network I found very good information
along with the following recipe.  Since I just came from the web page I have
not tried it yet, but it definitely looks easy and delicious.

Economical Veggie Burgers (credited to Dave Walls of Annandale, VA)

1 can Pinto Beans (15 oz)
1/2 cup Quick Oats
1 tablespoon "Spike" seasoning
2 1/2 oz water
1 teaspoon sesame oil (optional)

Rinse off beans to reduce sodium content, if desired.  Mash with fork to
desired consistency.  Add oats and Spike seasoning.  Add water (and oil if
desired) and mix with a fork.  You can add more oats or water to get the
consistency you want.  Form into patties.  Fry on Pam sprayed or non-stick
pan (recipe said lightly oiled fry pan) until lightly browned.  Add
condiments as desired.  Patties can be wrapped and frozen.  Adding a few
extra spices in this mix won't hurt, try dumping some salsa in for an extra
kick, or some fresh veggies such as onions, mushrooms and peppers.  These can
be whipped up in about 20 minutes.  Cheap, easy, tasty and healthy.

 From the Vegan Cookbook, Conveniently Vegan by Debra Wasserman:

Spicy Mandarin Chickpeas (serves 4)

Serve this tantalizing combination of ingredients over a bed of rice.

Two 19 ounce cans chickpeas, rinsed and drained
Two 10.5 ounce cans mandarin oranges, drained
1/4 cup strawberry jam
2 Tablespoons spicy brown mustard
1/2 teaspoon cayenne

Heat all the ingredients in a medium-size pot over medium heat for 10 mintes.
 serve warm.

I made some brown rice this morning to have on hand and have the other
ingredients too, so I'm going into the kitchen to prepare this, will let you
know if we liked it.  Sure sounds good and different.

Barbara in FL