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TVP Nutritionals

Emma asked about the nutritionals of TVP. First, remember that not all
"TVP" is the same. As we've learned  this year, there's a big difference
between the alcohol-washed variety (like the less expensive variety found
in bulk bins) and the water-washed type offered by companies speciaizing in
soy products like the Dixie Diners Club. The big difference between the two
is the isoflavones content; these are the little fellas that are so good
for women using soy products.

Here are the nutritionals from Dixie's Beef Not,  per 1/2 cup (dry) serving:

Total fat: 1.5g
Cholesterol: 0.0
Sodium: 5mg.
Total Carbs: 1.5g.
Dietary fiber: 9 g.
Protein: 25g.
Calcium: 16% mdr
Iron: 28% mdr
Isoflavones: 122mg. (Almost enough to eliminate estrogen supplements, and
enough to get rid
of the hot flashes!!)