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Hiking foods-boundary water treats!

Hi Eileen!
Great vacation idea! We have canoed the boundary waters several times.
Usually we take 30 or more teen agers with us,so we have gotten many
ideas from them. Green bananas go well. Raw potatoes to wrap in foil and
bury under the coals at night and then eat in the morning when they are
done. Cup of soup for every dinner meal.Boil water and make them and
everyone can have something to tide them over till dinner is cooked.
We made alot of noodle dishes. There are also alot of freeze dried foods
at sporting goods stores.Most everything I made was not low fat. We had 
a friut and nut gorp,pancake mixes,oatmeal,yogurt that comes in plastic
containers that don't have to be refridgerated. Lunch was always
something to eat in the   canoe and not cooked.Somethings come in
plastic jars now a days. If you are caught with a can,it can be $50.00
fine for each one. I took small grahan cracker crusts and fat-free
pudding and dried milk and a shaker and made pies for the kids. We made
pizza with sauce from a pizza mix that comes in a plastic bag and
english muffins and fat free parmesean cheese. We took cheese and made
sandwitches,we took compact sour dough bread and egg replacer(dried) and
made french toast. Its hard to get nutritious food when you can't take
alot of fresh stuff. Most dinners were of the spaghetti type or macaroni
and cheese. You'll have to really scout around. I have only been on one
back pack trip since I began to eat fat free and it was very difficult
to get enough food. Bean soup works but it has to be the cup a soups,
falafil to make sandwiches works too. Good luck I don't know if anything
I said will work or give you an idea for something else. Have fun!!
Lynn, Laporte, Indiana