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Re: Memphis Restaurants

Low fat? Memphis? HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry for the hysterical laughter, folks,
but I was RAISED in the land of the "Pig-Sicles" (BBQ ribs for the

OK, well, let's see now. La Montagne at 3550 Park Avenue is VERY good, or
at least it was three years ago when I was last home. Not low fat per se
but (almost totally) veggie and very accommodating. Squash Blossom is a
great health food store with deli, but for the life of me I can't remember
where. You can get deep fat-fried okra anywhere you like, that and
cornbread comprises "Cindy's wierd diet kick" at all of my family

I've been on this "kick" for 15 years now, sigh....

Good luck!


Cynthia Barnes      cbarnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         

On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, elle wrote:

> I will be attending a seminar in Mwmphis on June 19-22nd.  Any  Low lat 
> restaurants there?
> I've never traveled to the south east before...
> elle in oregon