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Cheeseless Pizza

It is great that the list is running again.  I was off for 7 months on mat leave with
no internet connection (read...severe withdrawal) so I wasn't even aware that it
disappeared as I just tried to sign on last week.

I must thank all of you who suggested ordering pizza sans cheese if the need to
order in arised.  I ordered a veggie, thin crust pizza, no cheese and it was
wonderful.  I realized that all that cheese that I ate (in a previous life of course)
was not what made the pizza taste great, but it was the topppings and sauce.  i
actually order this now when i go out with friends.to a non-veggie place that
doesn't have many ff or lf options.  Unfortunately, I get hit with so many
questions about it.  Everyone thinks I am strange.  Well they probably thought
that even before the cheeseless pizza incidents, but what do others say when
in a restaurant and you rhyme off an order made without this, not too much of
that, extra the other, etc.

Thanks.  Sandra (skidd@xxxxxxxxxxx)