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TVP...Artichoke hearts...

Tvp is bland, but filling, mix it with water to rehydrate...then, for something 
like Tacos, mix with healty doses of spices and tomato sauce and beans...I
don't really like it much it tacos, I find I like a mix of beans and mushrooms
better, but I have a good fake burger recipe that uses it and I put it in all
kinds of sauces...
Good FF "fajitas" can be made with FF Tortillas (i have a good recipe if
anybody needs it), grilled portabella mushrooms, FF cheese, tomatoes, onions,
bell peppers, sprouts, etc.....SUPER yummy!

Watch out for Canned Artichoke hearts!  I can't remeber seeing any not packed
in oil! If you have , Let me know!!!!