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Better Than Boullion

I found "Better Than Boullion" at a farmer's market here in Atlanta.  I 
had been looking forever for a ready made veggie boullion without fat 
when I happened on this stuff.  (I like making my own stock, but also 
need a lazy way out!)  It tastes really good -- but it does have a lot 
of sodium.  Here's the rundown: 
	1 tsp = 10 calories, no fat, 560 mg sodium, 1g protein
	Ingredients = 	vegetables and concentrated vegetables (carrot, 
	celery, onion, tomato, potato, garlic), hydrolyzed soy portein, 
	salt, yeast extract, sugar, maltodextrin (from corn), soybean 
	oil (adds negligible fat/tsp), xanthan gum, spice extractives.

Try using it to "water saute" fresh veggies -- it does add a lot 
of flavor!