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Pasta sauce

Mara asked for a pasta sauce without tomatoes. When I'm in a hurry but want
something filling I always make the following "recipe". The amounts used
depends upon if its my husband and I or just myself, on how hungry we are
and on what we have in the fridge - I know that's not much help but at least
you'll see the principle.

Pasta Sauce

1)  Using as little liquid as possible, saute some onions (and garlic if you
like) along with chopped veg (I like mushrooms, red bell peppers and
broccoli). Some good saute liquids are veg stock or half soy sauce and half
2)  Saute until they are as soft as you like (we like them still fairly
3)  Turn down the heat to very low and add a good sized dollop of fat-free
cream cheese. Stir briskly and warm through until the cheese melts (this
doesn't work quite as well as regular cream cheese but hey this one has
little fat!!). Make sure you don't have more than a couple of tablespoons of
liquid left when you add the cheese or else the resulting sauce will be too
runny. You can pour some away if necessary before adding the cheese.
4)  Add salt, black pepper and herbs as you like.
5)  Mix with your favourite pasta.

We make our own pasta - try it. Its quite easy and tastes so much better
than the bought stuff.

Hope you enjoy this recipe.