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snacks and artichoke hearts

Dawn G. was looking for some ff snack ideas.  Two things I frequently 
snack on are pretzels and frosted mini-wheats.  Both will leave crumbs on 
your clothes however.  There's a recipe in the archive for Grape-nut bars 
(reposted last week) which are supposed to be very good for traveling.  
There's also a great oatmeal-raisin (though you could leave out the 
raisins) cookie recipe in the archives, and the poster talks about how 
she puts the cookies on her dashboard to warm them up on her drive home.  

If you're looking for a more hearty snack/meal, more preparation is 
required.  I sometimes make my own veggie pockets--basically bread dough 
wrapped around some sort of filling.  (Like a calzone, but with a 
variety of fillings--pinto beans, curry, etc.  I get my ideas from Ken 
and Robert's Veggie Pockets).  I freeze them, and reheat when I'm 
desperate.  You can nuke them and eat them in the car.

Also, regarding artichoke hearts and oil--the artichoke hearts I've seen 
that are in metal cans are generally packed in water.  The ones canned in 
glass jars are usually in oil.  I don't remember my brand, but you might try 
looking around the shelf a little more.  I've also seen frozen artichoke 
hearts in our freezer section.  Unfortunately, they're expensive no 
matter how they're packaged.

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill