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Yummie sandwich

Had some friends come over for lunch recently.  Wanted to stay on my eating
regimen, yet at same time didn't want to have my company making faces.

So...FF whole wheat bread (baked it myself), thinly shredded lettuce,
thinly sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced onions, then some fat-free pinto
beans, refried with some cumin, oregano, and a dash of red pepper.

Instead of the usually expected chips on the side, I served slices of fresh
kiwi fruit.

For a drink we had fresh pinapple and orange "milk" shakes (FF Tofu Moo
[zero fat!] with pinapple, orange, and a touch of vanilla).

Smashing success!

Said nothing to guests about their eating a vegan lunch and they thought it
was all "sinfully" fattening (NOT!).

BTW: Have bought a Cuisinart Pro 11 and a Rival fold-up slicer since FF was
last up.  Makes dough like a champ and the lettuce comes out like it was
packaged.  Use slicer for making uniform slices of bread, tomatoes, onions,

Bev Kurtin
"Bev's Cooking and Eating Show"
"Word for Windows in Plain English"