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I'd like to welcome you all (back) to the FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing
List.  It took a bit longer than I expected, sorry about that!

I'd like to thank all of you who donated to the cause.  We are running
on an almost new pentium 166 running Linux.  Mail is powered by Exim,
a very nice piece of MTA.  I haven't done much stress testing, so the
first few weeks may be a little bumpy, please bear with me through any
problems (and there are bound to be some).  I figured that if I kept
waiting till I had time to properly test everything, we'd never get
restarted!  By taking the list live, when things go wrong, I'll have
to find the time.  <grin>

Have at it!

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA
              Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List