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Dixie again

Bev has to drive 60 miles round trip to get Boca Burgers, which 
she really likes. I'm very lucky. Here in Seattle (and also San
Jose--our daughter lives there) Bocas are easy to get, and
very close.

For those who don't have access to VLF fast food, we should
remind them of Dixie's. With the strike, mail order houses
like Dixie cannot really send anything--but hopefully the
strike will end soon. Dixie's new catalog is a miracle of low
fat comfort food. I've never seen anything like it yet. I know
that we shouldn't advertise on this reader group, but I have
no connection with them--just a loyal customer.

Dixie's Beef Not has 1.5 gms of fat per 6 oz serving--or about
1/2 cup dry. That's a LOT of food, since the stuff is very
filling. I find it excellent, expecially barbecued like
hamburgers. You need to "dress it up" with other seasonings,
etc, but that's half the fun.

Dixie sells chocolate chips that are 4 gms of fat/2 tablespoons,
which is too high for me, but much less than store bought.Ornish
doesn't like chocolate for us .

For the reader who would like to go on to the McDougal diet, I
reiterate, it's VERY socially restricting. You might as well give
up your friends, because they will never come over to eat, or
go out to any restaurant, if you ould even find one to eat at.

The reality of VLF diet is that most Americans just don't understand
it or accept it. I had a friend tell me that he will never go out to a 
restaurant with me anymore, because I embarrassed him when I questioned
the waitress and threatened to send food back if it had fat in it.

I don't blame him. I think I just was a bit over-bearing. But on this
reader group, we all understand that unless we are, we will get
tons of fat with our food. So most of us just don't go at all.

I would still rather have my health--but there is a price to pay for
it--make no mistake. THe SAD diet is horrible, it causes huge numbers of
people to die from heart disease and other problems. It's just a pity that
we must give up our friends and social life to keep our health. 

Mike Rosenblatt