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Re: grape leaves

>Does anyone know if it is possible to use fresh grape leaves
>instead of the expensive preserved ones you can buy in the
>supermarket?  My grapevines are at their peak now, and I
>would like to make some dolmas with the leaves.  It seems
>that sometime ago I read that you could boil them in water
>for a little before stuffing.  Can anyone help?
>  TIA     Marie Eubanks in Murfreesboro TN

Hey, Marie!  Don't know if you've received your answer yet, but yes, you
can use your own grape leaves.  Not too long ago I was making a Bulgarian
recipe which required grape leaves.  I just boiled them in water for a
while in order to soften them and take away the bitterness (Just keep
changing the water and boil  for a while; it will happen).  The smaller the
leaves are, the less bitter and softer they are, so those will be your best
bet.  Good luck!