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MWLP Question

Holy fantasia!

I just started the diet because I am sedentary most of the time and even
following a ovo/veg vlf plan was putting weight on me.

I've lost six pounds in a matter of days and must admit that I'm never

But let's face it: the average SADomite would go bonkers on his plan.

Personally I love it!  It's getting back to the basics of a good,
healthy vegan diet.  You HAVE to feel good eating what's on the program.

I do have a question, though.  I agree about the couscous.  My canister
hasn't been open since I starded the diet.  But I wonder about Polenta.
Is corn meal a flour or not?

It wold seem to fall into the catagory of cracked wheat, such as bulghur
wheat.  But is bulghur considered a flour also?  After all, it is not
the whole berry.

In any event, I have not felt this good in a long time but I'd miss my
Polenta with tomatoes and maybe some jalapenos and...awww shut up, Bev.

Okay....Monday grins to you all!