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FF and high cholesterol


Unfortunately, I've recently learned that some people "make" their own 
cholesterol, regardless of their diet.  I'm sure you know that the ratio 
("good" HDL vs. "bad" LDL) cholesterol is the most important factor in 
the test.  Some people apparently can have high overall numbers but 
because their HDL is high and/or their LDL is low, don't have to worry.  
I believe the ratio is ideally "supposed" to be below 4.  

I do all the right things....eat very low-fat, exercise, etc, but 
recently found out my ratio is between 6.5 -7.5.  My doctor did a blood 
test to determine the reason and discovered it's genetic.  Basically, in 
his words, I "could be a rabbit and still have a problem" because my body 
naturally makes the "bad" cholesterol. [My husband 
thought that rabbit thing had interesting connotations:)]  Anyway, right now 
trying to lower it through "natural substances" (a fiber packet daily and 
something called Super Maritime Plus) and will be re-tested in 2 months.  
I probably will have to start cholesterol-lowering meds at that time.  

Guess sometimes we just have to accept we can't control everything!!  I'd 
suggest talking with your doctor and determining the reasons for the high 
cholesterol and whether it's a concern.

Good luck,


Laurel Teitelbaum