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cafeteria food

Hi, saw your comment about not finding fatfree dressing in
the school cafeteria. I don't know if this is something
you are interested in doing but very often, the school
dietician is interested in finding out about ways to
make things better/healthier for students.

When I was in college, I met with the dietician and
mentioned my vegetarian needs and ways that the
meal offerings could be made a little more healthy
and appealing. She was new and was willing to 
listen. Unfortunately, it did take me till my
junior or senior year to have this conversation.
(Which might explain why I never lost weight all
through the 4 years!!!)
I think that actually talking to a person is
better than writing a letter or putting a
note into a suggestion box. My guess is that
the suggestion box, if there is one, gets all
sorts of interesting suggestions!!!

I think that the school has changed its way of
food preparation since then (15 years is a long
time.) At that point, huge amounts of oil/marg
were used in everything.

The people who do the work in the cafeteria generally
won't be able to do a whole lot except find a 
bottle of wine vinegar or some lemon slices but
they might be able to direct you to the person
who makes the decisions.