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working with uncooperative SO's

First, I don't have an SO so my advice may be bogus.  :-)

Just one idea: try to have the new diet, or pieces of it, or the idea
of it, introduced to the SO at least partly by someone else.  Don't push
someone else to push it on your SO and say "see I told you so, this is a
good idea, other people say so".  That is too negative and counter-productive.
If you have a friend who happens to eat the way you do, and you can all have
a meal together or something, that might help.

I added a vegetable dish to my parents meal a few months ago when I visited,
and my Dad loved it and made it himself later (he cooks extremely rarely).
He isn't so open with the new things my Mom tries on him.

There is enough baggage with long term relationships that introducing new
things like diet can really create friction that needn't be there.

< .02    :-)

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