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Thank you all so much!

To everyone,
I'm one of the college freshmen who asked for advice about eating in a 
dorm cafeteria/cooking in a dorm room.  All of you advice has been very 
helpful!  I wanted to reply to the digest sooner, but I just now got the 
internet hooked up in my room.  Thank you to Leah, Cynthia, Tony, Chris, 
Kristin, Holly, Jessica, Sam, Mary, Sandee, Kate, Talar, and Jan for 
giving me you suggestions, ideas, and recipes (and to anyone I may have 

Yes I do have a cafeteria meal plan, but it is part of a scholarship, so 
I don't feel TOO bad when I don't eat in the cafeteria.  Yet, the 
cafeteria food hasn't been all that bad.  There is always a salad bar 
(but no low-fat or fat-free dressings!), and usually plain baked 
potatoes and some sort of rice dish (sometimes with lots of cheese).  I 
usually find something edible.  I'm doing okay with preparing things in 
the room too.  Several people suggested a rice cooker instead of my hot 
pot.  I'd love to, but a hot pot is the only cooking appliance that I'm 
allowed in my room.  By the way, I discovered a fat-free (well, the 
label says so anyway) cheese sprinkle.  It is made by Molly McButter.  
It is a little salty, but I like it on plain rice.  It kind of reminds 
me of the powdered cheese mix that comes with macaroni.  It makes the 
rice kind of like a nutritious version of mac and cheese!

I've also seen some rather fatty foods offered here.  Ever heard of 
"cheesecake on a stick?"  I hadn't.

Well, thanks again for all of your help.  Thus far, this has been an 
adventure, and I'm sure it will continue to be!

Thank, Jenny W

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