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Re: Boca Burgers

     << Sherron askked about Boca Burgers.  I adore the vegan fat-free 
     they make.  Will you ever see them in the run-of-the-mill grocery 
     outlet like Ralphs, Vons, etc?  Not unless Boca can come up with the 
     incredible amount of cash that it takes to BUY their way into mainline 
     It's a filthy little game called "buying your way onto the shelf.">>
     Many of the mainstream chains in the NY/NJ area - ShopRite, Pathmark, 
     D'Agostinos - carry Boca burgers, as well as several other frozen 
     vegeterian products, such as Morningstar Farms, even Amy's Organic at 
     some stores.  Given the increased interest in this type of food - 
     Green Giant Harvest Burgers and Harvest Crumbles should be a good 
     indicator that there's some mainstream interest here - Ralph's and 
     Vons shouldn't be too far behind.
     In defense of the grocery industry:  the typical grocery store stocks 
     30,000 to 50,000 different items.  Manufacturers introduce 20,000 new 
     products a year.  80% of them fail.  Retailers have enormous amounts 
     of money tied up in inventories and product carrying costs.  Carrying 
     a new item requires the retailer to make room for it in a warehouse, 
     adapt what may be an automated warehousing/picking system for the new 
     product, and program its computers so that it can be scanned at 
     checkout and reordered by computer.  Not to mention re-arranging a 
     section to make room for the new product.  So retailers demand either 
     slotting fees (grocery shelvage is *the* most expensive real estate in 
     the world) or failure fees from manufacturers, so that in the likely 
     case the new product no longer exists a year down the road or just 
     doesn't sell, the retailer can recoup their costs.  It effectively 
     transfers the risk of the new product completely onto the 
     Yes, there are many abuses in the system, and fees can be outrageous, 
     but it is currently the way business is done in the majority of the 
     industry.  These practices should not however interfere with niche or 
     specialty products getting onto the shelf.  If you and other consumers 
     want Boca Burgers on the shelf in Ralphs or Vons so badly, there 
     should be adequate channels to communicate that to store or chain 
     management; you'd be surprised how often they listen if enough people