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Boca Burgers

Beverly (and the rest of the vlf-ers),

My local grocer does carry boca burgers.  If you "pester" the store
manager (and have some friends do the same) asking for the product,
you'll probably see a box in an obscure part of your grocers freezer
section.  Apparrently there are a lot of vegetarians in my area because
the Stop-N-Shop near me carries several kinds of veggie burgers, 2
brands of veggie sausage, and the morningstar farms veggie bacon.  At
any rate, even though the store is more or less controlled by the major
corporations, if the customers who are shopping in their store keep
requesting an item, they're going to stock it to keep you coming back to
their store.  Best of luck ... hope this helps.  Of course, if you have
a co-op in your area, that's always your best bet anyway.