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SAD friends & family

Hi all!

I made the mistake of drinking a cup of "real" tea last evening, and
while I was lying in bed wiggling my toes until midnight, it struck me
that food relationships are a heck of alot like love relationships. 
When someone is in a destructive relationship, they are absolutely blind
to it, and the more people tell them to "get out!" the more they cling
to it.  It's not until you're out of the relationship that you realize
just how damaging it was.  I've been vegetarian for only about 7 weeks,
but it's amazing how much my thinking about food has turned around in
that time!  In the SAD relationship, the more I ate sugar and fat, the
more I craved it.  In the vegetarian relationship, the food I eat
provides strength and nurturing and peace of mind!  True, it's
heartbreaking to deal with SAD friends and family who just can't see how
destructive their eating is, but confronting them with it just drives
them further into denial, or just plain stubborness!  It's hard just to
sit back and seemingly do nothing but wait until they come to their
senses, but sometimes that's all we can do - besides being an example,
of course.

So, anyway, that's my $.02.

Food for thought:  I haven't told any of my friends about becoming
vegetarian.  Now, if gay people "come out" of the closet, do vegetarians
"come out" of the refrigerator?

Dreary Akron OH