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Roasted garbanzos

To Karen:

I also fell in love with the roasted garbanzos from the middle eastern
market but didn't like the price. I make my own by cooking the dry beans,
usually 2 cups at a time. Then I place them in a single layer in two 9X13
pans and roast at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.
After 30 minutes I turn off the oven and let the beans sit in the oven all
day to dry out. Sometimes I do an extra 10 minutes of roasting if they
haven't dried enough after 30 (but I'd start with that because they will dry
more as they sit). Also I have never tried doing both pans in the same oven
on different racks. I use both ovens. I also do this with black soy beans
that I get from the GoldMine Trading Company (800-475-3663 if you missed the
number before). Both are great mixed in salads but they will lose their
crunch if allowed to sit too long in moisture. I have also mixed them with
raisins, etc for a type of trail mix.

Enjoy,  Carla