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Mustard excitement

My goodness, what a furore ;-)

When I worked the numbers, the modification that the original poster used
was still (at the worst case) under 15% fat.

(BTW, by my calculations you can't add a cupful of mustard to the original
recipe and be under 10% fat - I'd be interested in how this was reached.)

My point (and I did have one) was that mustard is not fat-free, is in
itself high in fat, and should be used lightly.  

Had I not posted, what would stop one of our readers saying "Hmmmm, still
not spicy enough...look at that label, there's NO fat in mustard, I can add
as much as I want!  Scoop, scoop, squirt, squirt, yum, yum, fatfree...."

If everyone thinks that would never have happened (ie that all of our
readers have perfectly normal, controlled, and predictable eating patterns
and know everything there is to know about ingredients), I apologize for my
comment.  In fact, I apologize anyway, since I obviously didn't express
myself well.

This recipe, in almost any variation, is light-years better than succumbing
to a fries craving.  

Oh, and btw, if anyone out there hasn't gotten themselves a microwave
potato chip maker yet, they're missing out on a treat.  They taste so much
more like, well, potato, than the greasy standard chips.  I wonder when
they'll start mass-producing these.