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Coleslaw and Nutritionists and Other Topics

Just want to thank all who wrote me with coleslaw recipes.  I am going to try
several of them and will let you know what I finally come up with.  I think I
may mix the nasoya ff mayo and ff italian dressing and see what happens.  Also
have been toying with the idea of apple juice concentrate as a sweetener for the
coleslaw.  Have noticed in reading the labels that sometimes the juices and
concentrates have high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners added, but found
a storebrand last week that was pure apple juice.  

I feel compelled to defend nutritonists, as I am one.  I agree wholeheartedly
that the advice given to avoid veggies was strange.  I can remember when my
father-in-law was told, just after being diagnosed with daibetes, not to eat any
potatoes.  Where do these docs come from?  There probably are nutritionists out
there too, who give advice based on outdated information.  In general though,
all the nutritionists I work with are pretty flexible.  Nutritionists are
required to maintain a certain number of continuing education hours which helps
keep them pretty up to date.  The field of nutrition and nutrition research has
advanced so much in recent years, that we are discovering that perhaps there is
not one "good diet" for everyone, and that diets may need to be individualized
based on one's genetic makeup and physiology as well as one's illnesses.  I work
with patients on a daily basis whose diets range from Zen Macrobiotic to totally
SAD and try to assist individuals in making choices that work for them with
their needs and beliefs.  Professionally though, my advice must be based on what
is known scientifically, rather than my own personal beliefs.  I must say that
my own personal beliefs are based on what I have read and discovered.  Another
area that I think is really exciting is that alternative "medicine" is being
recognized and accepted more widely now.  It is so important for all of us to
have an open mind and for the field of science to move forward with studying all

I thoroughly enjoy this list and am always impressed with how knowledgeable most
of the readers are about nutrition.  I can say that I don't find that true with
the general public.  I think America as a whole has been really suckered by the
food industry and our health has suffered because of it.  Why can't we just go
back to the basics?  What's wrong with vegetables and whole grains?  Enough said
- my $.02 worth.  

And speaking of needs and beliefs, I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on
restaurant eating with friends.  It has helped me tremendously with eating at
home.  Someone wrote "Never teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys
the pig."  That describes my relationship with my family completely.  As the
only one of four family members who chooses vegetarian and low fat, I find
myself cooking dual meals daily.  I am learning just to be quiet and do my own
thing.  Last night the only comment was that the whole wheat pasta was a little
gritty.  Otherwise they ate their veggies and the baked chicken that I cooked
for them.  I thoroughly enjoyed my veggies and pasta.  Much of the time they
enjoy the vlf dishes I make and never know the difference.  The hardest part are
the whole grains.  They love white flour!  

Marjorie Busby, MPH, RD, LDN
Project Director, Nutrition Research
General Clinical Research Center
UNC School of Medicine
3013 APCF CB 7600
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7600
919-966-1576 FAX