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Fat in Mustard?

I don't have a single jar of mustard in my house that says it has FAT in
it. For a 1 tsp. serving the jars state 0 grams. I suppose, if one
tablespoon of Grey Poupon has 1 gram per Tablespoon, then each tsp could
have 1/3 gram. If there is any fat, it would have to be what is just
natural to the mustard seed itself, since the ingredients of Grey Poupon
are Water, Mustard Seed, distilled vinegar, salt, white wine, citric
acid, tartaric acid, & spices.

<From: Jessica Parsons <j.parsons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
<Subject: Re:Spicy potato chunks

<Don't like to burst bubbles, but this recipe calls for a significant
<of mustard, which is high in fat.  I don't have the stats to hand, but
<mustard is something which should be used very lightly if you want to
<your fat intake down.