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mustard and fat content

Jess wrote in to say that mustard has a relatively high fat content, and 
another lister (my apoligies for not remembering the name) wrote in to 
confirm this.  Now I'm confused -- I just pulled out my jar of cheap-o 
store brand spicy brown mustard, and the label shows 0g fat and 0 fat 
calories for a 1 tsp serving (which seems fairly reasonable to me -- not 
like some products that cut the serving size to something ridiculously 
small in order to claim "fatfree" status).  Does this have anything to do 
with the type of mustard (I think I remember Dijon being mentioned in one 
of the posts)?  Or could it be the 1 tsp serving size isn't as realistic 
as I think it is?

Thanks for the great list everyone!!