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Campus eating

Hi Oriana,

My daughter will be in your postition next year, so I am intersted in this
topic.  I recently read about a book called _On Campus Cookbook_ by
Fitzgerald.  Not sure how low
fat it is, but with all the fat subs available that shouldn't be too much of
a problem.

A small (4 cup) crockpot would allow you to cook whole grain cereals
overnight for quick
breakfasts, or use it during the day for making small batches of soup or
stew-like meals for the evening.  A "hot pot" gives you hot water for lots
of instant cup meals, etc.  Soy protein powder would help boost the
nutrition of smoothies.  I have a hand held blender made by Braun that makes
them quickly with easy clean up.  If there is a kitchen on your dorm floor,
you could do more "complicated" cooking on the weekends.

The suggestion to walk a lot and get some exercise is a good one as it will
help keep
your weight regulated, but it is also a great stress buster.

Keep us posted on what works best for you and good luck.

Sandee Ritter