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Jessica Parsons wrote:

>Don't like to burst bubbles, but this recipe calls for a significant amount
>of mustard, which is high in fat.  I don't have the stats to hand, but
>mustard is something which should be used very lightly if you want to keep
>your fat intake down.

Huh?  I checked all four bottles of mustard in my fridge and all four are 
give their fat grams as 0.  I even checked the ingredients on all four 
bottles (all are different varieties) for possible hidden fat that is too low to 
register as a whole gram.  The only thing that has any fat in it is the 
mustard seeds (so it isn't completely fat free), but the seeds only have 
one gram / teaspoon.  It doesn't take very much mustard seed to make a lot of 

Intrigued by the other post claiming 3 grams of fat for mustard 
/tablespoon, I got out my book of food values.  Both Grey Poupon and 
French's Dijon mustard have 1 gram of fat/ tbsp, but I couldn't find any 
listing that came anywhere near 3 grams.

Where did you get this information?  I am really intrigued by this.  
Mustard has long been touted as a fat-free condiment.  If in fact, it has 
3 grams of fat/tbsp then what's up with the labels on the four bottles of 
mustard I have. Even if you figure that something need only be slightly 
below 0.5 grams/ serving to be considered fat free, and factor in the 
serving size on the bottle of one teaspoon, it still only come out to 
just under 2 grams (as there are 4 teaspoons in a tablespoon).