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produce bags/bread flour

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Tina D. Bell wrote:

> Got my first Dixie Diner catalog today.  Noticed the Evert-Fresh Bags.
> Claim is your produce stays fresh much longer.
> Has anybody tried these?  Did they work?

I haven't seen the dixie catalog, but I do use the produce bags they sell 
at my grocery store--plastic bags with lots of little holes in them.  I 
like them and I do think they help the produce stay good longer, though I 
haven't actually done a controlled experiment.
I think they especially help mushrooms, which always got slimy for me.

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Leah Hockenbrouch wrote:

> I have what is probably going to be the most stupid question ever posted
> to this list.  What is "bread flour"?  I have whole wheat flour and
> unbleached flour at home.  Do either of these qualify?  Also, what is
> high-gluten flour (for making seitan)?  I never seem to find anything
> labelled this way, so I assume these are other names for common flours.

Bread flour and high-gluten flour should actually be labelled as such.  
Bread flour has a higher amount of gluten than regular flour, and 
high-gluten flour has a still higher amount. (Gluten is something-a 
protein, I think-in wheat flour which gives it that stretchy quality, 
which is good for bread and essential for seitan.)  Pastry flour has less 
gluten than regular flour.

I do usually use bread flour, but I think the Hercules Bread would work 
OK with regular flour.  I find bread flour (both white and whole wheat) 
at my HFS, but you might try a specialty store, or look harder at the 
flour at the regular grocery store.  Mine has so many little bags of 
different flours that it's impossible to find anything you're actually 
looking for.

Good luck!

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill